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NISM series 8 chapter explanations provided here is one of the most reliable ones, with proven results of thousands of candidates passing the exam in their first go. Pass NISM VIII on the first attempt by understanding basic concepts of Equity Derivatives through chapter explanations.

Passing NISM series 8 : Equity Derivatives Certification Examination will let you start your professional journey as an approved users and sales personnel of the trading member of an equity derivatives exchange or equity derivative segment of a recognized stock exchange.At Mock Test Channel, Get all chapter explanations in NISM Series 8 Equity Derivatives to certainly clear NISM Series VIII .

NISM Series VIII Equity Derivatives Exam Preparation:

The only study material for the NISM Certification Exams is a booklet of around 200 to 300 pages. To comprehend the topics, you must read the entire book cover to cover at least once; otherwise, the exam will be difficult. It is easy to pass the NISM-Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Examination by attending this course. You don’t even have to read all 159 pages of the workbook.

  • It would be risky to sit for an exam if you don’t understand most of your concepts, given most of them are conceptual questions.
  • On every exam, you will face MCQs (multiple choice questions) with only one correct answer. In addition, some exams include numerical problems for which calculators and excel sheets are permitted throughout the examination. Because most tests carry negative scores, you should study thoroughly.
  • After you’ve finished studying the workbook, you can take a few NISM Equity Derivatives Mock Tests to see how prepared you are.
  • Generally, carry your PAN card or any other prescribed identity card along with your Admit Card on the day of the exam. Carry a photocopy of your identity verification as well. If your photograph is not clear and legible on both your admit card and your identity card, you will not be permitted to take the exam
  • After submitting the NISM Equity Derivatives exam, you will receive your results right away. After that, you can get your mark sheet and exit the Test Center.

Objectives of the Examination:

After passing the NISM Series VIII Equity Derivatives Exam, the applicant must be able to:

  •  Understand the fundamentals of the equities derivatives market in India.
  •  Learn how to use the options and futures on equities and stock indexes to create diverse trading strategies.
  •  Gain a thorough understanding of the equities derivatives markets’ processes, such as risk management, clearing, settlements as well and also the operating mechanisms.
  •  Understand the regulatory framework in which India’s market functions of equity derivatives.

Advantage of Becoming a Certified in NISM Equity Derivatives Exam :

Overall , certification opens many job opportunities for individuals as there are many roles and companies which mandatory prefers the National Institute of Securities Markets certifications.

How to Register for NISM Series 8 Exam ?

So, how do you sign up and enrol for the equity derivatives exam?

Utilising the NISM Certification Portal, candidates can enrol in and register for any of the certification tests offered by NISM online.

When registering for the NISM Certification portal, you will need to provide all of your personal information, including your name, date of birth, PAN number, educational background, and employment information.

You will receive an email with an activation link and your NISM Registration Number once you have completed the online NISM registration process. Clicking the activation link is necessary before you can activate your NISM Account. You may access your account after activating.

Go to “Enrolment” -> “Enrol for  after entering your email and password, then follow the steps listed below to enrol for the nism series 8 exam :

1st step : Pick the test as your first step.Examination for Equity Derivatives (series 8 of NISM) from the drop-down menu.

2nd step: Check the availability of seats: Pick the City of Exam, Test Center, and Exam Date Range that you want to take the exam during.

3rd step: Choose a Time Slot: The exam’s Test Slots will be displayed to you. Choose one and then click “Enroll for the Exam.”

4th step: Pay for it: Accepting the terms and conditions is necessary before making an online payment using a credit card, debit card, or internet banking account.

After making your payment successfully, you’ll have your admit card generated. You should arrive at the examination center half an hour before the scheduled exam time with this admit card and an original identity card.

Only PAN Cards, Driver’s Licenses, Passports, and Aadhar Cards are accepted as proof of identity.

You can start your studies even months before registering for exam at NISM’s Official site.

What categories of persons should take the NISM Equity Derivatives Certification Exam?

Any affiliated person operating as a sales employee or an approved user of a trading member to exchange equity derivatives or division for equity derivatives of an authorised stock exchange must pass the Certification of Equity Derivatives (NISM Series 8) Examination.

To put it another way, everyone who deals with clients on equity derivatives such as options and futures must pass the NISM Equity Derivatives Exam. This includes businessmen or entrepreneurs who open sub-broking offices, executives who deal with clients or work in the back office, and individuals who work with Equity Derivative products.

Overall , All Indian stock exchanges, such as (BSE, NSE, MSEI, etc.) have made it essential to submit the Certificate for NISM Equity Derivatives to receive the terminal for Equity Derivatives.

How to buy this course with latest mock test and chapter explanations ?

2) Press add to cart button below the preferred course.
3) Press on Register now
4) Fill in your details , create username and password and press register.
5) Press add to cart button below the preferred course.
6) Press Proceed to Checkout.
7) Fill Billing details and press on complete payment.
8) Scan the Qr Code, make payment, and press proceeds to the next step.
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Equity Derivatives Mock Test – Exam Structure :

The NISM series VIII : ED Examination will be a 100 marks examination to be completed in 2 hours. It will have 100 questions of 1 mark each. There will be a negative marking of 25% of the marks assigned to a question. The passing score for the examination is 60%.

Fees and Validity :

The exam fee for NISM Series 8 : Equity Derivatives Examinationis Rs. 1500/- (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred). The certificate is valid for three years from the date of the exam.


The examination contains a total of 10 different topics. The syllabus outline and weightage of each chapter are mentioned below.

  • Basics of derivatives: 8%
  • Understanding index: 2%
  • Introduction of forwards and futures: 25%
  • Introduction to options: 25%
  • Option trading strategies: 3%
  • Introduction to trading systems: 4%
  • Introduction to clearing and settlement systems: 13%
  • Legal and regulatory environment: 15%
  • Accounting and taxation: 3%
  • Sales practices and investor protection services: 2%

Frequent Ask Questions about NISM 8 Certification

Q. Why should I take the NISM 8 certification exam?

A. Taking and clearing the NISM 8 certification exam validates your expertise and knowledge in equity derivates. By obtaining this certification, you enhance your credibility and increase your career prospects. Employers often require this certification as a prerequisite for roles involving equity derivatives. Additionally, the exam equips you with a comprehensive understanding of derivatives markets, trading strategies, risk management, and regulatory frameworks, enabling you to make informed investment decisions and excel in your professional endeavors.

Q. Is this course provided by Mock Test Channel ?

A. The NISM 8 certificate exam is conducted by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM), an educational institution established by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). NISM is responsible for developing and conducting various certification examinations for individuals seeking to build a career in the Indian securities market.

Q. What are the different names of the Equity Derivatives Exam?

A. Some common alternative names for the Equity Derivatives Exam include NISM Series VIII Certification, NISM 8 Certification, Equity Derivatives Certification Examination, Equity Derivatives Module Exam, Derivatives Market Certification, etc.

Q. What is NISM Series 8 certification?

A. The NISM Series 8 certification is a recognized credential offered by the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) that focuses on equity derivatives. It provides individuals with a comprehensive understanding of equity derivative products, trading strategies, risk management, and regulatory frameworks. This certification enhances professionals’ expertise in the field of equity derivatives and is acknowledged by market participants, employers, and regulatory bodies.

Q. Is NISM Series 8 difficult?

A.If you are a beginner, You can pass the NISM series 8 equity derivatives exam with 2 weeks of preparation . If you already have market experience, then 1 week is enough. Please go through the video about exam preparation.

Q. What are the fees of NISM 8 certification?

A. At the present time it is 1500 Rs. It’s recommended to visit the official NISM website for the most up-to-date information regarding the certification fees.

Q. How long is NISM Series 8 valid for?

A. The validity period of the NISM Series 8 certification typically lasts for 3 years.

NISM Series 8 Study Material :

If you want to grow your career in the equity derivative market, then the necessary certification first of all. Mock Test Channel is one of the best place to study for nism exam. But, this test is not easy to clear without gathering a proper knowledge about its syllabus and important concepts. To help the students in this, Mock Test Channel is offering its precisely prepared NISM Study material as Lectures.

The lecture covers the test objectives and the whole syllabus of NISM. We have taken care of all the syllabus objectives given by the NISM itself. All the students can go for this study material. The content is divided into modules to make the learning process much easier for the aspirants. Mock Test Channel always add only fully researched and updated content in the lectures to serve the students with excellence.

The exam covers a wide range of topics related to equity derivatives. To help candidates prepare for this challenging exam, we offer nism series 8 mock test.

Attend our other nism courses on our website.

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What Will You Learn?

  • All chapters in NISM Equity Derivative workbook
  • NISM series 8 mock test question and answers
  • Top tips to pass NISM Series 8 Equity Derivative Certification Examination

Course Content

NISM Equity Derivatives Chapter Explanations

  • 19:11
  • Understanding Index
  • Introduction to Forward and Futures
  • Introduction to Options
  • Introduction to Trading System
  • Introduction to Clearing and Settlement System
  • Legal and Regulatory Environment
  • Sales Practices and Investors Protection Services

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