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NISM Certification Courses - FAQs

Why NISM Certification Courses  ?

Courses provided here are recommended across India for its quality. With 99% passing rate you can be confident to pass your nism exam in the very first attempt.


How can I prepare for NISM Exam ?

Inorder to prepare for NISM Cerification Exam you have two options :
Option 1 : Read through each page of NISM Worbook ( 300 Pages )

Option 2 : Access Chapter Explanation Videos and Mock Test Videos on our website. Students who have recently cleared exam recommend Option 2.


Where can I find best NISM Certification Courses / Study Material ?

On the very page click on the exam you are appearing for and avail the latest course material for the exam.


What does NISM Certification Courses contain ?

Course contains Chapter explanations and mock test videos made using recently asked questions. You can also avail mock tests to practice few days before exam.


Which Language is the Course taught in ?

Course is taught in a mix of English and Hindi for ease of understanding.


Where else can I access the Course ?

Entire Course is also available in Mock Test Channel Youtube Page. For that you will have to take channel membership. We recommend you to take course on website as it offers UPI payment options.


What is the validity of these courses ?

Just like  Youtube membership courses can be accessed for 30 days from your mobile or laptop. For extension discount  contact 8089456668 via whatsapp.


Does it cover latest NISM Exam Questions ?

Our Mock Tests and Course Content are up to date and new recently asked questions keep getting added. Moreover once your concepts get clear with chapter explanation , passing exam is a piece of cake.


What if payment fails to process?

If your payment fails you can make payment using qr code at bottom of the page using any upi app. Just mention your order number. Coordinate with support if need be.


How can I contact Support team?

Support is available over whatsapp chat on 8089456668.


How can I practice before my NISM Exam?

NISM Mock tests are great way to practice for the exam in real life environment.


If I buy this course , do I need any other nism exam study material ?

If you go through our content twice you wont need any seperate study material.


What is NISM certificate?

NISM stands for National Institute of Securities Markets. It is a certification program designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals working in the Indian securities market. The certification is offered by the National Institute of Securities Markets, which is a public trust established by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).


Who is eligible for NISM  Exam ?

Programs are open to professionals, students, and individuals interested in working in the securities market. The certification programs are divided into different levels, and individuals can choose the program that is most relevant to their job role or career aspirations.


When I buy course here , will course be available on Youtube or on Website?

Courses brought here will be available only on website over mobile or laptop. Interface is similar to youtube , only no adds or distractions.


Is NISM certification worth it?

It is recognized by the Indian securities market, and many employers require individuals to obtain NISM certification as a prerequisite for certain job roles. By obtaining NISM certification, individuals can enhance their career prospects and demonstrate their commitment to professional development in the securities market.

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